Photo Gallery of Our Recent Timber Shipments
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Western Hemlock Debarked Saw Logs. Dia.: 21″+, Length: 26’+

Douglas Fir Saw Logs. Dia.: 8-20″, Length: 26’+

White Oak Veneer Logs 4SC, Dia.: 14-17″ and 18-20″, Length: 8’+

Walnut Veneer Logs 4SC, Dia.: 14″+, Length: 8-10′
Walnut Saw Logs 3SC, Dia.: 12″+, Length: 7’+
Walnut Saw Logs 2SC, Dia.: 12″+, Length: 7’+
White Ash Saw Logs 2/3/4 SC, Dia.: 12″+, Length: 7’+
Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) Saw Logs – different dia and lengths.
Claro (California) Walnut Slabs

Top of the line non-blued Pine Wood Chips

Red Oak Saw Logs, 3/4SC, Dia. 14″+, Length: 7’+

Red Oak Saw Logs, 2/3SC, Dia. 12″+, Length: 7’+
Yellow Poplar Saw Logs, 2/3SC, Dia. 12″+, Length: 12’+
Yellow Poplar Saw Logs, 0/1SC, Dia. 10-11″+, Length: 12’+
Walnut Slab Logs

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